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Barili: Three’s a Charm


They say that you can’t shoot two birds with one stone. But in Barili, a town in southern Cebu, you can definitely make the best out of your tour by enjoying three sites in a single town.

Barili is located 61 kilometers southwest of Cebu. The name Barili comes from the term balili, a local grass found in the area. Barili is a third class municipality that was founded in 1632. In 1602, a cross was planted by Spaniards and up until this day, the cross still exists. But this is not the only sight you would want to see. If there are three things you should go and see, here they are:

Mantayupan Falls. This falls found in Barili holds the record of being the tallest falls in Cebu, even taller than the more popular Kawasan Falls. The sound of gushing water falling to the ground comes from about 200 feet up. There are also minor falls measuring about 90 feet.

mantayupan falls baril

Mantayupan Falls should never be missed when you are visiting the town of Barili.

Mantayupan falls is located in the southern barangay of Campangga. Though it is experiencing development, it is far from being a commercialized tourist spot. In fact, only a few people know of it so it is, up until today, considered to be untouched.

mantayupan falls is the tallest falls in cebu

The tallest fall of Mantayupan measures about 200 feet with other smaller ones, too.

running water from mantayupan falls

Beauty of Nature. Truly beautiful and serene.

From the entrance, you have to pay a very minimal amount (around Php 10.00) and if you have your own vehicle, there’s also a fee to be paid to ensure safety, Php 10.00 for motorcycles and and Php 20.00 for cars. A short walk and you will be able to reach area where you can rent picnic tables and rafts for those who want to swim.

mantayupan falls perfect for get-away trips

Mantayupan Falls is less commercialized than other falls in Cebu. Its perfect for get-away vacations since it is less crowded.

To get there, you can either leave from Cebu City or from Mactan International Airport. From Cebu, driving would take about one and a half hours. You can take the route from SRP to Talisay up until you reach Carcar, then travel the mountainous road trip to Barili. From Barili Bus Stop, take a left turn through town and in just a few distance, you will be able to reach the falls.

But if you take the route from Mactan International Airport, you can take a taxi cab to reach the Cebu South Terminal at Mandaue City. There, you may opt to take a public bus or you can ride a V-hire van. Trips made to Barili are always available. When in Barili, you can take the habal-habal (motorcycles for hire) to reach Barangay Campangga.

molave milk station

Molave Milk Station is found along the highway on your way further to Barili.

Molave Milk Station. Do you want a healthy treat? Why not drop by the Molave Milk Station on your way to Barili? Approximately 40 kilometers south of Cebu, make a right turn when you reach the roundabout in Carcar, carry on for another 13 kilometers and you’ll be able to see at the right side of the road the Molave Milk Station.

molave milk station cottage

Stop by for treat made from fresh milk products like ice cream!

Filipino made ice cream is always a treat. It comes in different flavors from Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, Ube (a Filipino classic flavor) and others. Eventually, Molave Milk Station moved on from just selling ice cream and other milk products and became a little stop for travelers making their way to and from Barili and Carcar. It now sells food from snacks to meals.

The entire area is quite covered with trees. There are available round picnic tables and chairs that customers can use while they enjoy their treats.

stop by molave milk station in barili

Molave Milk Station is located along the highway. Really visible, so there would be no reason not to stop by.

So the next time you make that trip to Barili, make sure you pass by this little shop and get yourself a treat.

AC Tilapia Fun Fishing. This is a new sight and experience you can have when visiting Barili, especially when you are making your way to Mantayupan Falls.

ac tilapia fun fishing

AC Tilapia Fun Fishing cottages are not just beautifully made, but very strategic too, right over the pond area where tilapias are being fished.

For a very minimal entrance fee (around Php 10.00) you can do lots of things already. You can fish, cook and eat your catch! The establishment will provide the worms and you can even ask the staff to put the worms on the hook of your bamboo fishing pole.

Of course you have to pay for the Tilapias you will be able to catch. For about Php 120.00 per kilo, they can cook the Tilapias for you. But if you want to instead bring them home, you have to pay Php 100.00 or so per kilo.

tilapia catch from ac tilapia fun fishing

Fresh catch. Cooked and enjoyed.

tilapia catch ac tilapia fun fishing barili

Here, you fish your own, have them cooked (for a fee, of course) and eat your own catch.

There are available cottages that you can use when eating. There’s even a Karaoke to add more fun to your trip and, quite interestingly, a barber’s chair.

tilapia fishing at ac tilapia fun fishing

You can choose from a number of spots where you can fish. You will enjoy both the experience and the view.

There are a lot of things and places Barili could offer to visitors. But if you are given just three options to go and see, why not try this combination. Stop by the Molave Milk Station, then Try Fishing and maybe have lunch at the AC Tilapia Fun Fishing then spend the afternoon and end the day in Mantayupan Falls.

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