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Every Tourist’s Dream House in Baguio: The Mansion


If you were to be welcomed by a gate that is said to be the exact replica of one of the main gates in Buckingham Palace in London, wouldn’t you want to enter it? And by the time you enter, you see a house, not just a house, but a mansion that is of American design. Now wouldn’t you want to live there? Eventually you find out that the President of the Republic of the Philippines is the official resident of that mansion, wouldn’t you want to be the president, too?

replica of the buckingham gates the mansion

You will be greeted with these gates, a replica of the Buckingham Palace gates.

That pretty much defines the regal experience everybody gets when they have their pictures taken even just in front of The Mansion in Baguio.

front view of the mansion

This is how The Mansion looks from a far, front view.

The Mansion was built in 1908, another predecessor of Baguio City itself. It was destroyed in 1945 during the Second World War and was renovated and improved by Filipinos in 1947, a year after the Philippines regained its independence. Today, it is a post-card perfect background for tourists, any day of the year.

tourists outside the mansion

This is what an ordinary day at The Mansion when tourists flock outside to take a picture of the venue.

Outside by the gate, guards are not just guards. You can actually buy souvenir items like shirts and Baguio pins from them.

the mansion marker

This marker tells of the history of The Mansion.

Inside the compound is a lavish circular driveway where vehicles pass through. It is usually opened only when there are official functions in The Mansion. The Mansion also houses a mini museum, filled with memorabilia from presidents who occupied it in the past.

ride on a horse foe a more royal feel of the mansion

Horses can also be rented and used as your mode of transportation as you view The Mansion.

It lives up to its name not just by how it looks but also with how it has been used and by whom. But for any other ordinary tourists visiting Baguio City, The Mansion is simply the model of a dream house.

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