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Getting Ready for a Baguio City Trip


Baguio City has long been known as the Philippine’s Summer Capital. It has an altitude of about 1500 meters (5100 feet) above sea level giving it a mild climate with a temperature in between 15-23 degrees Celsius. This is about 8 degrees lower than the average temperature of the other parts of the country. So a trip to Baguio City is not just a perfect escape from the busy traffic and pollution but simply, from the city’s high temperature.

It is important to know the essentials needed when making a trip to Baguio City. Make sure you have enough covering to keep you warm while there. Jackets, coats, and sweaters are a must along with your ordinary outdoor clothes. Pack a pair of trusted, walking shoes for those long, enjoyable walks around the area. Other wraps like a scarf, hat or bonnet could also come in handy especially during the night. Although packing up a pair of bikini and tank tops seem to be strange while in a cool place like Baguio City, this isn’t necessarily so. Baguio City also has a number of spas and saunas that you could visit. So it wouldn’t hurt to bring those, too, even if it’s not summer.

Other than your wardrobe, there are also other things that you have to be mindful before making the trip, just so you could make sure that the rest would be as fun as you could make them.

Arrangements for accommodations are best made in advance. During peak season between October – May, lodging may be quite difficult to arrange, so you may want to make arrangements during off peak seasons during the months of June – September. It is also during these months that promos and discounts are rich. For food, you may opt to stay where you can cook your own meals or you can be adventurous and try out the cuisine as you go around the city. And as for transportation, a private car should be filled up in Manila as oil prices are usually more expensive in the province. For those who prefer taking the public transportation, it is best to check the schedules and prices beforehand to make sure that your Baguio City trip is hassle-free.

Another thing that you have to learn before making the trip would be weather conditions. As mentioned, October – May is the Peak season in Baguio City. That would be from the cold season all the way to Christmas in December until summer time from March – May.

And when you’ve packed the essentials and made travel arrangements, you are all set to tour Baguio City.

Touring Baguio City is actually quite easy. You can find a lot of tourist attractions in a single, relatively small area. Some very well known attractions could be found in the Eastern and Southern portions of the city. The best way to travel Baguio is to get yourself your own map and mark down the areas where tourist attractions are located. This way, you can save yourself some money that you may have to spend on a guided tour and get to really have an authentic Baguio experience on foot (and maybe aboard a cab sometimes).

It is best to note that the number of places that you’d get to see largely depends on the number of days you stay in Baguio. A 3-4 day trip would give you enough time to tour and relax at the same time. So, that 3-4 day Baguio City trip better begin today.

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