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JVR Island in the Sky Resort


When one speaks of islands and resorts, the instant thought would be sands, beaches and the heat of the sun. Here’s a twist to that stereotyping of the two words: the JVR Island in the Sky Resort.

JVR island in the sky

Cable Car? Try it here in JVR Island in the Sky Resort.

It is the exact opposite of the sands, beach and heat of the sun! JVR Island in the Sky is actually located in the mountainous portion of Barangay Gaas, Balamban. And since it is located in the mountainous area, with a bit higher altitude, you really won’t be able to feel the heat of the sun! It has a low temperature, gaining for itself the title of being the “Little Baguio” of Cebu. And of course, there may be no sand to speak of while there, but you will definitely appreciate the lushness of the green surroundings.

JVR Island in the Sky Resort

Beautiful pathway at JVR Island in the Sky Resort.

Lush Green JVR

Have your eyes relaxed with the calm, green sights at JVR Island in the Sky Resort.

Still newly opened, it may not be that popular just yet, but given enough time, people will most definitely make it a point to go and experience what JVR Island in the Sky has to offer.

Cable Car view from the restaurant

This is a view from the restaurant. The cable car is making its way to its point of origin.

JVR bridge

Know where this would lead you? To your next great adventure!

Firstly, by the entrance, you will be able to view the long slide that leads to a huge swimming pool a few feet below. Unfortunately, (maybe because it just opened), the pool was not ready for use during the visit. Moving towards the area where the other facilities are found, one must cross a hanging bridge. This is just the beginning of more adventures that you can enjoy during your entire stay there. There are a lot of cottages that visitors can rent to use for picnics with family and friends. You may pass by them on your way up to the restaurant. Reaching the restaurant, one will be able to see what is said to be the very first cable car in Cebu City.

cottages at JVR island in the sky resort

Cottages like this can be rented by family or group of friends.

The cable car was said to be able to accommodate around six people at one time. It costs Php 200 for each person. It takes about 20 minutes all in all to reach one end and go back to your point of origin. Take note that no personnel accompanies you during the ride. You have to adjust the seat attached to the cable car once you reach the other end so you will be facing the direction where the restaurant is on your way back. The ride is really slow paced so there’s nothing to be scared about, instead, just enjoy the view of the mountains and some little cottages that are probably homes to long time locals.

JVR island in the sky rates

An entrance fee must be paid, separate from other fees you have to pay to avail of other feats from JVR.

This is one feat you should not fail to visit wen you are in this part of Cebu. To get there, one can take the GT Express (V-hire) at Ayala Center terminal for a fee of Php 100.00.

JVR Cable Car

Cable Car. The main feat of JVR Island in the Sky Resort.

JVR pathway

Walk up or down this path to see more beautiful sights.

So, from you car to a cable car, go ahead and visit JVR Island in the Sky Resort.

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