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Kawasan Falls: The Sights That Make a Camera Smile


If anyone can walk around a mall for more than two hours simply window shopping, then walking for 15-30 minutes to reach Kawasan Falls with all its breathtaking scene would be easy and definitely worth it.

Kawasan Falls is a 15-30 minute walk (depends not just on how fast you can walk but on how quick you can get over the beautiful scenery) from Barangay Matutinao, south of Badian. Badian is found at the south of Cebu Province. From Cebu city, you have to travel about 98 kilometers, that’s two and a half to three hour trip. From Badian, that 15-30 minute trek would be through rivers and wooden bridges. An additional treat would be to reach the second drop and enjoy the sights from there and also the spring near the top. This would require another walk through a steep passage. But again, all worth it!

bamboo rafts at kawasan falls

Bamboo Raft. This is one of the main feats to enjoy in Kawasan Falls.

There are three bridges that you have to cross to reach Kawasan Falls. If you only had to stop once to take some pictures, it is greatly advised that you do on the third bridge. Your camera will smile at what you might be taking with it, a piece of paradise maybe?

far view of kawasan falls with bamboo raft

The cascading waters of Kawasan falls is not just a sight but an experience to behold.

Kawasan Falls is actually a hierarchy of falls. Once you have reached the first one, take in the entire 360o sight. That is the biggest of the three falls. But if you think that everything exciting has to be big, you are mistaken. Carry on to the next two falls, though smaller compared to the very first one, the view gets more exciting than the one before.

kawasan falls rafting

Ropes attached to huge rocks found by the side of the waterfalls are used to navigate the bamboo raft to get nearer the running water.

Once you have chosen a spot to settle down, you can begin enjoying the cool and fresh water. There is also a Tarzan rope that you can use to throw yourself high up before landing in the clear, cold water. Also, to make the experience more personal and closer to nature than it could ever be, try renting a bamboo raft that would allow you to approach the cascading water. There are also tables and cottages for rent. You can also make a choice between bringing you own food or not since there are actually food stores nearby.

kawasan falls raft

Aside from rafting, there are plenty of other things that you could try. Spending the whole day will never be a bore.

Another thing that would most definitely be of interest to any visitor is the sight of a number of tropical plants in the area. They add more beauty to the experience of the waterfalls and the trek. But always bear in mind that Kawasan Falls is a popular hangout site for locals and tourists alike. With this in mind the best time to visit is NOT on a weekend or on holidays. If not, be warned that although you will still be able to enjoy the beauty, you have to share it with a crowd.

kawasan falls

Kawasan Falls is paradise found South of Cebu.

Why confine yourself in a glass wall full of merchandise that you are not even sure to buy if you can enjoy and experience a piece of paradise in Kawasan Falls. Better have that walk today.

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