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Moving Landscapes Seen From Cebu’s Transcentral Highway


One of the many beauties of travelling by land is the opportunity to enjoy the scenery from a moving vehicle. Tourists don’t just look forward to their exact destination, but they also make sure they enjoy the journey.

Welcome to Balamban

Take a drive along Transcentral Highway on your way to Balamban.

view of Transcentral Highway, Cebu

View of Transcentral Highway located by the moutainside of Cebu.

One such way to do this is to traverse Cebu’s Transcentral Highway. It connects the northern town of Balamban and Cebu City. What makes this different from other highways is the fact that it was built and now runs on the back of the mountains of Cebu!

Side view from Transcentral Highway

Driving along Transcentral Highway will allow you to encounter lovely sights such as this.

The Transcentral Highway’s main purpose was basically to quicken the travel time of farmers to (and from) Balamban, Asturias and Toledo City and Cebu City. Using the Transcentral Highway, you will only make use of about 30 minutes to travel from Balamban to Cebu City.

Fresh bananas and more sold along Transcentral Highway

Fresh vegetables and fruits like these bananas can be bought along Transcentral Highway.

Jeep at Transcentral Highway

Fun (and maybe not so safe) sights like this are numerous at Transcentral Highway.

The drive would never be a bore when passing through Transcentral Highway. You won’t just get to enjoy the sights but you can actually do so much more along the road. There are small stalls that you can stop by to purchase some fresh vegetables and corn. Further on, you will get to see the public market that serve as bagsakan for crops to be delivered to neighboring towns, cities and even islands (since, according to a vendor, corn produced here are shipped to Negros Oriental).

Side stall of fruits at Transcentral Highway

Street side businessman with his produce, super fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruit stalls along Transcentral Highway

Just across the street from this fruit stall is actually where these produce were planted and harvested.

With the opening of the Transcentral Highway, farmers now have an easier and faster way of selling their produce.

Market place at Transcentral Highway

Busy public market at Transcentral Highway, Balamban, Cebu.

The view coupled by the low temperature due to altitude and lushness of trees would give you a feel of taking a road trip in another country especially when it starts fogging (usually at dusk).

Sure, there are a lot to see on either side. There are a lot of places to go and things to do in Balamban and of course, Cebu City will always be the busy and exciting city that it is. But experience the transformation as you travel from one side to another.

This is one road trip that you shouldn’t fall asleep on no matter how tired you may be when travelling. You will surely miss, as they say, one half of your life when you do! It’s a 30 minute ride of wonderful scenery and fun activities along the road.

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