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NO PROBLEM in Mactan Island


The strong historical roots of Mactan Island, although still present, are very much in contrast with the numerous business establishments that continue to sprout on the island. But somewhere in between history and current economy stands something that both deviates from and blends with the two. Nothing to worry though, because there is definitely No Problem in Mactan Island’s Su-Tu-Kil.

owner of no problem sutukil mactan

No Problem Restaurant adopted the name since the previous employees of the restaurant would normally answer customers with “No Problem!” each time they ask for something, even just for a glass of water. Built way back in 1981 (meaning it will be celebrating it’s 30th year in 2011!) with “no roof, one table, one chair” as described by the mother of all Su-Tu-Kil (Sugba-Kilaw-Tula) business in Mactan Island, Mrs. Rosalinda T. Inihao. Today it has become bigger and better with other restaurants with the same concept are built side-by-side each other. This is of course, with No Problem Restaurant leading the pack.

assorted fresh sea foods to be cooked no problem mactan

From these fresh looking catch to delicious tasting food on the table.

fresh sea foods to choose from at no problem sutukil mactan

Before getting a table, stop by and choose your own raw ingredients for you meals.

From its initial location (near the entrance), No Problem Restaurant moved to its current place in 1996. It now occupies a bigger area with, of course more tables and chairs to accommodate the growing number of patrons. It would be students on field trips as well as balikbayans who give No Problem Restaurant the most revenue during the peak months of August, December and January. So this would also give you an idea when the least comfortable visit would be.

lapulapu at no problem sutukil mactan

Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu.

scallops at no problem sutukil mactan

Bacon Butter Scallop.

shrimps at no problem sutukil mactan

Butter Garlic Shrimp.

calamares at no problem sutukil mactan


Foreign tourists also flock to Mactan Island, particularly in No Problem Restaurant anytime of the year. As a matter of fact, the tourism and economic industries have a mutual relationship with the restaurant. Clearly, it is not just like any other restaurant, but in itself, a tourist attraction too.

more items to purchase at no problem sutukil

There are many others that your eyes can feast on when you are at No Problem Su-Tu-Kil in Mactan.

No Problem Restaurant specializes in seafood. Customers are greeted by an array of fishes, shells, and other seafood on display where they can choose from. Just make sure that when you visit, you ask for the freshest catch of the day. With less than Php 1000.00 you can enjoy a meal of Tinolang Lapu-lapu, Calamares, Butter Garlic Shrimps, Bacon Butter Scallops and Sweet-and-Sour Lapu-lapu, served good for 3-4 people with rice and your choice of drinks.

novelty and souvenir items, mactan su-tu-kil

Aside from the meals, you can also take time to browse for some items that you can take home as souvenirs.

Definitely a treat to have when you visit Mactan Island where, as in the words of the employees, “the service and food should be exactly what the business is: NO PROBLEM.”

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