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On Top(s) of Cebu!


Breathtaking may be such a cliché to use when describing something that, well, simply takes your breath away. But no word else could ever be used to describe a view of the entire Cebu City from a “deck” that is equally beautiful.

horizon view from Tops

View from Tops. Watch the horizon where Cebu City and the sky meets.

Take a drive and go to Tops. Fittingly named since it is located, where else: on top. To be specific, on top of a hill in Busay, almost 650 meters high. It captures an entire view of the whole of Metro Cebu, Mactan Island and even some other neighboring islands.

For a fee of Php 100.00, a price that may seem to be a bit expensive. This may be because a lot of foreign tourists don’t mind paying the amount. But, just give it a chance to wow you when you get inside to enjoy the view. For sure, you will instantly forget how much you paid, or better you’d actually realize that what you paid was nothing compared to how much you will enjoy the experience of being there.

view of tops deck

Interesting structure of Tops building is a curved, tunnel-like concrete with stone walls.

Upon entrance, the first thing that will greet you will be rows of food shops or bars situated inside a very interesting structure. Separated by stone walls. It’s really an interesting sight since the hall way is enclosed in a circular arch that stretches all the way through the building. Step forward and you will be at the deck, which is another sight to behold. Gravel floor in hexagon shape with grass details separating each, that is one beautiful and brilliant idea from whoever conceived the plan for the flooring.

tops bell

Try ringing this bell but make sure you follow the instructions found just beside it.

Another interesting piece you may find here is a bell that invites anyone to ring it with a few instructions to follow. It’s fun reading the directions found just beside the bell. It seems to give more excitement to the hopelessly romantic people. There’s no charge for ringing the bell, so make the best out of your visit there by doing so, just read the instructions carefully to make sure you get to do the right thing with the right person.

In going there, it is best to bring your own food. It won’t just save you money but it would also be more enjoyable to share this kinds of meals with your travel company, whoever they may be.

view from Tops deck

Amazing view from Tops deck, the whole of Metro Cebu, Mactan Island and other neighboring islands in Visayas.

So if you want that fantastic view of Metro Cebu but don’t want to spend too much time and money, Tops on Busay Hills is the perfect place to go. A mere 30 minutes, and for sure you will be on Top(s) of Cebu.

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