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PMA: Where Glory and Discipline are Bred


The premier military institution in the Philippines, the Philippine Military Academy is where cadet of the Armed Forces of the Philippines are trained to eventually become the future military officers of the Philippines.

philippine military academy

The Philippine Military Academy is where future military officers are trained and educated.

“To instruct, train, and develop the cadets so that they will possess the character, the broad and basic military skills, and the education essential to the pursuit of a progressive military career.” That is the motto of the Philippine Military Academy that traces its history from the establishment of what was known as Academia Militar in 1898. It was short-lived but was resurrected when in 1905, an officer’s school of the Philippine Constabulary was built in the Walled City of Intramuros. Three years later, it was again relocated to Camp Henry T. Allen before taking refuge in Teacher’s Camp Village in Baguio.

camp gregorio del pilar

Camp Gregorio Del Pilar. Philippine Military Academy's current home.

During the early 1940’s, at the outbreak of the Second World War, trainings were disrupted. In 1947, it moved back to its former home in Camp Henry T. Allen before finally settling in its current location in Fort Gregorio del Pilar. It occupies a total of 373-hectares in Loakan, about 10 kilometers from downtown Baguio.

vintage look

Vintage look. Old models of military planes add a touch of history to the PMA gorunds.

military tanks

Stationary military tanks are a whole lot less intimidating than moving ones. This one is a perfect background when picture taking.

So, what can a visitor expect when they visit the PMA grounds? Well, there is a weekly military ceremony at Fort Del Pilar, where a regular Saturday inspection and parade is held. f you get the chance, there are alsoo occasional silent drills held. So a camera is a must on Saturday visits to the Philippine Military Academy.

picture perfect backgrounds at pma

One of the many backgrounds you can have for your pictures during your visit to the Philippine Military Academy.

school grounds PMA

The Philippine Military Academy is just like any other school where students get to enjoy the grounds, but maybe in different ways.

Aside from these human activities, there are other things that visitors would be able to see, spread all through out the PMA ground. It has a beautiful landscaped ground and has planes and helicopters of old models displayed all around.

If you want to pay a visit, you can reach the Philippine Military Academy at Fort Gregorio Del Pilar by way of car, taxi cab or jeepney.

Korean War Memorial Statue

Korean War Memorial Statue can also be found on the PMA grounds.


Who would ever thought that something as artsy like this could also be seen on the PMA grounds?

If you take you own car, then you may pass through the wooded Loakan Road past a fork (where you will find the Loakan Airport to the right). Just carry on straight until you reach the Fort Del Pilar gate to your right. This is about 10 kilomteres from Burnham Park and Session Road. If you take a taxi cab, you may either hire and pay by the hour to tour you around Baguio or simply to bring you to and inside PMA. By doing so, you can tour by car and on foot. But if you take the cheapest mode of transportation which is the jeepney, just take the Plaza-Loakan-PMA jeepney from the Central Business District.

military tanks on pavement

Take a walk on this lovely walk paths and enjoy the sight of all the military tanks!

Viola! you will be able to enjoy your tour and of course, picture taking, with all the wonderful things you’d get to see inside.

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