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Something Hot in Baguio: O’ Mai Khan


For Baguio’s cold temperature, hot foods are a must to find and find, you shall in O’ Mai Khan Mongolian Grill and Hotpot! Hot, steaming foods cooked with fresh ingredients are a delight and perfect match to the cool weather of Baguio.

o' mai khan mongolian grill and hotpot

A must try during your next visit to Baguio!

Another popular treat from O’ Mai Khan Mongolian Grill and Hotpot is the unique buffet where one can choose from among the many ingredients, any combination you may want to try. There are rows and rows of fresh vegetables, meat, sauces or dressings and spices that one can choose from.

But of course, it wouldn’t be O’ Mai Khan MONGOLIAN Grill and Hotpot for nothing if it wouldn’t boast of its Mongolian Barbecues and hotpots. For those of the exotic tongue, with special inclination towards the Mongolian Cuisine, this is definitely a must for you. The aroma and the rich flavor of Mongolian foods. A must would be what they call the shabu-shabu (hotpot). They start serving at 6 in the evening and of course, there are also desserts that you may try and definitely enjoy.

Before eating though, make sure you get to absorb and enjoy the very relaxed feeling of the restaurant ambiance. The lobby feels like home. There are lots of potted plants everywhere. The color is very demure matched with some modern furnitures. Apparently, there’s nothing really Mongolian with the restaurant’s aesthetics but all the same, it provides a cozy and relaxed feel to anyone who enters. Anyway, there’s the food that makes the Mongolian feel more than complete.

mongolian buffet

A fun twist to the usual kind of buffet that Filipinos enjoy. Choose your ingredients, and they shall be cooked in front of you.

O’ Mai Khan Mongolian Grill and Hotpot is located in 12 Otek Street, Rizal Park, just in front of the City Hall. So it wouldn’t be that hard to find. It’s location is even perfect for tourists since it is of walking distance to many hotels in Baguio. For that hot experience in cool Baguio, grab a chopstick and take a bite from O’ Mai Khan Mongolian Grill and Hotpot.

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