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The (Session) Road Much Traveled in Baguio


Whether it is because of its history, by simply looking at or being in it, there will only be one name to call Baguio City’s most congested and busiest area where people converge and separate: Session Road.

session road not so busy

Before it gained its notorious image of being the busiest road in Baguio, the Session Road roots itself way back to the 1900s. During the American occupation of the country, The Second Philippine Commission formed in 1904 took place here. It was during this time when Baguio was officially christened as the Philippine Summer Capital. Today, the only concrete proof that something historical ever took place is a marker found in Governor Park Road. Everything else has faded and has become what is now Baguio’s Session Road.

Assortments of business establishments now swarm Session Road. A wide array of boutiques, bazaars, department stores, restaurants, pastry or bakeshops, cafes, and old movie theaters can easily be spotted. The majority of Baguio’s banks and offices as well as drug and bookstores are also here.

a not so busy session road

The Session Road is divided into two parts: the Upper Session Road and the Lower Session Road. Nobody really refers to the latter as the Lower Session Road, instead just Session Road, since this is where most of the activities and establishments are found.

session road sign

This is the most populated area in Baguio at any given day, but still, it's a must-visit for any tourist!

When one takes a closer look while walking along Session Road, you wouldn’t just see residents but also students from nearby colleges and universities as well as tourists taking unhurried walks, mostly enjoying the Deco Art buildings that separate Session Road from any other sight in the country.
But more than anything else, the reason why the Session Road is very crowded is because it connects most of the major roads in Baguio. It basically is your jump off point to other destinations in the city. That is why it is the road mostly taken by people.

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