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Zipline Adventure in Cebu


Across two mountains at 100-400 meters of heart-stopping zipline adventure! That is one experience that you should never miss during your visit to Cebu City. A must-do activity with either your friends or family


Ziplining for the first time isn't so bad. It's actually a lot of fun!

What is ziplining all about? Ziplining is one of the newer adventure gimmicks that one can engage, and surely enjoy. Here, the passenger (that’s you!) is harnessed to a cable and zips from the starting point (one mountain) to the end point (another mountain). So if there was ever a time in your childhood when you wondered how it felt like being a bird, a ziplining experience will give you the idea. For a fresher and more unique way of viewing and communing with nature, it has to be on a zipline.

There are actually two ziplining facilities in Cebu City, the Adventure Cafe and the second and longer one called the K33 AGreenAdventure Cafe, both found in Balamban.

How do you get to:

  • Balamban: It is located 64 kilometers, at the northwest coast of Cebu. You can take either a V-hire (or van) for an estimated travel time of one hour or by buses via Naga-Uling for about two hours. A v-hire costs around Php 100.00 while taking a bus might be cheaper by a few pesos.
View of K33 facility

This beautiful winding road will take you to the deck of K33, where you will take off on your Zipline adventure.

Resto Adventure Cafe in Busay is said to be the first “resto adventure in the Philippines” while K33 AGreenAdventure Café Zipline boasts of its humble story. K33 AGreenAdventure Café Zipline feature was actually established as a fund raiser for the reforestation of some stripped mountains most especially the damaged water sheds of Cebu Province. Also, this was created to help provide livelihood for some locals in the area.

The prices of each facility vary. In Adventure Cafe, The fee is about Php 70.00 for each person. While in K33, you just have to pay Php 150.00 for the entire thing. When you get to any of the two, there is actually a viewing deck that you can utilize to absorb the beautiful view of nature while waiting for your turn.

So if you are a daredevil or a nature-lover or maybe even both, then a zipline adventure at either Adventure Cafe or K33 AGreenAdventure Café is definitely a must on your itinerary while in Cebu! Ask around and people will know where to point you for this exciting experience.

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